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The Big Remembrance
Thursday 23rd September
Word Maritime Day Tower Hill
September 3rd Every Year
MN Day 2010
Merchant Navy Day 2010
On Merchant Navy Day
A Merchant Navy Day Commemorative Serviice 09
The Raymond Steed Memorial Fund
Barry and the two World Wars
Remembrance 1918 - 2008 
Barry Branch Annual Service
17th September 1940 
Merchant Navy Association - Press Release 
Merchant Navy Day
Exhibition - Barry & the 2 World Wars 
Welsh Maritime Links
New seafarers’ memorial at Sea Sunday in Kinsale  
“Her Name Was SS. Willowdale” 
Kinsale Monument  
Barry & the 2 World Wars 
Merchant Navy Association (Wales) Annual Service 2008
Barry Docks - Poster 
“Her Name Was SS. Willowdale” 
"Her Name was Fidelity"  
Barry Remembered 
The Women of World War 11 
Lest We Forget  
Always & Forever
Dennys Tooze
Whisky Galore 
Sinking of SS Daybreak
Lusitania Rescue Part 1 
The Merchant Navy Day Commemorative Services and Re-union 2007
Newport, MNA and Tower Hill 2007
A Red Ensign Day  
Merchant Navy Day - 2 September 2007
Raymond Victor Steed - Empire Morn
'Harries Tragedy' - of Newport Pembrokeshire
Red Letter Day    Freedom of County Borough given to Merchant Seamen
Irish  Mariners in Aber
Irish War Dead
Ghost Ships 
Merchant Seamen Brian G Redding 
TITANIC Passenger List 
Welsh Sailors of the Second World War
Barry to Buenos Aires, 1913    
The War at Sea : Filleigh   Mr.Vernon G A Upton (George Medal) 
Reflections of a Merchant Navy Officer   Mr. Vernon G A Upton (George Medal) 
Her Name Was  SS.... 
A Tregenna Mystery  Paul Pace, Billy McGee, David Simpson 
Merchant Navy    David Simpson 
Article 1      David Simpson
Article 2    Billy McGee
"Samtampa" 60th Anniversary    Billy McGee